! Bienvenido !

Hello! Welcome to my E-Portfolio! I am majoring in Television/ Radio, with a concentration in Media Production, on my way to a minor in Spanish! I am a first year student, expecting to graduate in the Spring of 2016.

Over the next few years, I plan on exploring the world of media further and discovering which aspect I feel confident in. I would like to eventually work in the Television Industry, specifically with entertainment. I hope to experience a variety of internships in not only television, but radio and other media as well.

With a minor in Spanish, I hope to travel and learn about other countries in terms of their media and culture. I believe a minor will be of great help in accomplishing this goal. I absolutely love to travel and experience things you typically wouldn’t in the United States, so I believe this will add to my passion.

I’m excited to get out there, try new things, and learn more about entertainment television, travel and study abroad opportunities, and the quickly changing world of media. My ultimate goal would be to capture video from a foreign country to show to those who have never left the United States. I believe this would make people more open-minded about the world as a whole.

Feel free to check out my profile! Though it doesn’t have much yet, soon it will.
Have a sunny day! :)