Welcome to my E- Portfolio!

My name is K.C. Weston and I am currently a junior Communication, Management and Design (CMD) Major within the Park School of Communications and African Diaspora minor within the Center for Culture, Race, and Ethnicity Studies here at Ithaca College. I am also a student within the MLK Scholar Program here at Ithaca College, a part of my life here large enough to need its own section (sidebar). I have a passion for production: I love being able to put things together, by myself or in a team, and see them come to fruition, no matter what the project may be. My major and minor as a combination help me study this while accessing a core set of skills applicable to understanding the development of internal and external systems of organizations. I am especially interested in lending these skills to art and music management: I hope to someday permanently find work managing a music group, working with a booking company, or running a venue. And I'm getting great, great, help with that through my leadership and involvements here at IC!  

I hope that browsing this profile will give you an accurate description of my involvement on the Ithaca College campus, my academic interests, my personal interests, and my job and community service experience. Also included in the featured document section is my complete resume, as recent as Summer 2012. 

Thank you for your time and consideration!