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Hello Everyone!!! My name is Lauren Angelos and I'm a student at Ithaca College majoring in Cinema and Photography with a minor in theatre.  I am from a small town called Portsmouth, Ohio. But I am ready to explore the world! I'm set to graduate from Ithaca College in May 2016 with a Bachelor of Science degree.

I enjoy watching and making movies.  I also love to act. Theatre has changed me in so many different ways.  It has made me more confident and creative in a sense that I can express myself without being shy in day to day life.  It also helped me with me major.  Ithaca has and is still providing me with the best education a filmmaker and or actor could ever dream of.  I am very lucky to have this opportunity.  My goals from college is to study aboard at the London Center and to do the LA Internship Program.

Through S'Park: Igniting Your Future of Communications,  I have realized how much media is changing every single day.  Through the ten secrets to success paper S'Park gave me,  I believe anything I do is possible.  I believe by the end of my senior year I will be ready to face the media world with great success. 

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