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Welcome! I am currently a Televison/Radio Student at Ithaca College. With also a Pre-Med path. I will be expecting to graduate 2015. I hope to have some amazing experiences, and such a wonderful time at college. 

I got the chance to take a class my first semester called Spark. To my surprise in only three classes I realized I had learned so many valuable things. The first thing I learned was that this job is all about networking. So the more people you know and talk to the better, since they could end up finding you a job one day. Next thing I learned was that there are some amazing options of jobs, that where never around before. Like being a voice of a company on twitter. Third thing was that a photo is worth a thousand words but you can change the context completely by just how you take a photo. The next thing was that this job is forever changing. The communication today could be gone and replaced by something else by the time I graduate. So this job is always going to be a learning process. Yet one of the most important lessons was to keep my options open. Which is now why I decided to keep what I want to do a blank page and just seem what comes my way, and take it one step at a time.