Lynzi DeLuccia, Ithaca College 2015

Hi there!

My name is Lynzi DeLuccia, and I am a TVR major with a media production concentration at the Park School of Ithaca College. I am from Poughkeepsie, NY and attended Arlington High School, one of the states largest high schools/districts. I have been an athlete all of my life and I really enjoy physical activity and being active. I have a minor in journalism and I am absolutely loving it. My dream job is to be a sports sidelines reporter for MLB, or even NFL or NBA, combining my love for communications and sports. However, I would also absolutely love to go into entertainment reporting. I'm extremely excited to prosper in my college career at Ithaca, and I am already learning so much about the Ithaca College itself, the industry, and the real world experiences being thrown my way.

Experience is an incredibly significant factor in any field. In the media world, experience is practically everything. You can learn certain skills, techniques, and theories, but putting yourself into that world and immersing yourself in hands on work is one of the most important actions to you take. Internships are key, and putting yourself out there to be discovered is essential. I have also become aware that Ithaca College provides all of these opportunities to its students like myself to put themselves out there and have these experiences. With campuses here in Ithaca, in Los Angeles, London, and New York City, the possibilities are endless. I am positive that I will take advantage of these in my future here at Ithaca.

The fact that more people today are turning to online news is not only true, but intimidating, especially for someone in my position. I would like to go into television reporting, because I feel that acquiring news from television and even radio is far more personal and effective than online. However, it is true that online news has its perks, including the fact that it is constantly changing and being updated, when television can only do so much updating in short time. However, since television has been such a strong media source since it was introduced and still continues to be the most used media source, I hope for and believe that it will stick around as time goes on.

Along with all of this, the world of media in itself is constantly changing. With modification of technology and steadily changing news. The internet is creating more and more outlets, and because of agreements and technology, things like free media are becoming commercialized. Media is becoming a business in itself. We must be prepared for this change, and we must welcome it.

With this, I have learned that in welcoming this change, we need to realize that we are required to be the innovators. The jobs that we may have in ten years may not even exist today. Maybe we will create our own jobs one day, or obtain occupations that we enjoy and are good at, but never imagined would exist. So much can change in such a short time, and we should welcome that along with the knowledge it can bring to us.

In my spare time, you can find me reading on my new Kindle (which I can't put down), exercising, watching my favorite shows on Hulu, or doing extra curricular activities like writing for Ithaca's chapter of Her Campus. I plan on graduating a semester early in December, 2014 (yikes).

Thanks a lot for visiting my page!