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Welcome to my ePortfolio! I am an Integrated Marketing Communications major and will be graduating in the spring 2016.


The area of communications that I am most interested in is advertising. I am intrigued by the idea that a successful ad campaign can persuade an individual to buy a certain product or believe in a certain idea. 


Advertising is a constantly evolving field. I am fascinated by the changes that advertising goes through in order to keep up with the new media outlets that are becoming increasingly popular in modern society. With new forms of mass media, advertising has so many more channels to reach the intended audience, including social media websites, TV commercials, and radio advertisements.


During my time in the Park School I plan on studying both the business and creative aspects of advertising so I will be better prepared to enter the work force. My goal after college is to work for an advertising agency and to take on international clients. With everything that I will be learning at Ithaca College I am sure that I will be successful in achieving my goal and in my future career.