Lucy Lynne' Hall

I was born to Charlotte and Richard Hall at Oswego hospital in 1991. I grew up in Altmar NY and attended school at APW high until 2006. My family then moved to Mexico High school.

During my time at Mexico Academy Central Schools, I was involved in many extracurricular activities such as Yearbook staff and editor, as well as prom commity and Television broadcasting and Productions (The school newspaper and Television show). While trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life I realized I loved playing around with the camera at my Television show. I also realized that it was a great outlet for my visual creativity. I graduated in may of 2009.

I then began school at Cayuga Community College in Fall of 2009. During my time there I maintained my position on the Dean's list and held two jobs during every semester. In the summer of 2010 I was offered an internship at a feature film written and and starring Jesse Eisenberg. During Preproduction I was mostly tagging along with the art department and I was also called to be the temporary assistant to the director. During production I worked alongside the script supervisor helping continuity. In mid-production, to my knowledge, there was some miscommunication between the producer, the director and Mr. Eisenberg. The director (Paul Todisco) decided to work on an investor's trailer for another film he plans on filming, instead of sending everyone home. We were given one weekend to be assigned positions and basically do all preproduction. I was given the position of Props master. I had to obtain and keep about one hundred props during the production. In my sophomore year I began concentrating on a career in film by directing a few of my own productions such as "Pleasuring Grief", "The Flea" and a few music videos. I graduated in may of 2011 with an associated degree and a plan to continue my bachelor's degree at Ithaca College. I graduated with an overall GPA of 3.696 and a 3.9 in my final semester. I was also named Magna Cum Laude. 

So far during my first semester at IC I have been involved in several projects and productions on campus. I am the props master for a series film called "The Market". I've also worked on a short film called "The Gave of Frank King" as their Art director and Editor. I'm currently working on a short called "White Lights" that is being directed by me and will be submitted in the golden door knob film festival as well as many other film festivals. 

My future at IC consists of an internship at a production company such as 20th Century Fox in Los Angeles. I hope to inspire the company to think differently. I plan on graduating in two years and then moving to LA. After my time in LA is "wrapped". I would like to settle down in a warm place and hopefully have children and NOT name them "Facebook" like many children in egypt. When I am capable of making my own films I plan on doing some global research so that I don't wind up naming it "Bad Film" in any other language in order to appeal to a greater audience. I also hope to make plenty of talkative friends in the future since the best means of advertising is still "word of mouth". 

To wrap things up, GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 2013!