Academic Experiences

Coming into college with 42 credits allowed me a lot of leeway in developing my schedule. I was accepted to Ithaca as an Exercise Science major but decided before I started my first semester that I wanted to do Physical Therapy. I took all the required courses for a Physical Therapy student and along with still taking required Exercise Science courses. When I found out I had the ability to skip ahead a year, I took advantage of the opportunity when applying into the Physical Therapy program. Even once I was accepted in the Physical Therapy program, I had a lot of room for extra credits. I took advantage of this and loaded up my semesters with 18 credits, taking any extra Exercise Science course I could along with some nutrition and exercise physiology courses. I enjoyed having several different points of view on health matters that I got from each of the areas. I also thought it was really interesting when everything would finally come together from taking the broad array health courses. I have been very fortunate to have the opportunities here at Ithaca to take such a comprehensive health perspective class load.