Professional Mission Statement

This is me in the Pacific Ocean for my first time in Santa Monica.

My goal is to become either a sports medicine or pediatric physical therapist that uses the diverse amounts of knowledge I've gained through my different classes here at Ithaca. In the next year, I hope that my classes and clinical experiences through Ithaca College will help me decide which field of study I'd be the best suited for.

Between classes and the experiences I have had with children, I would like to use creativity, games, and fun to help children grow and develop. I have always had a passion for working with kids and believe that working in the pediatric setting would be a very rewarding and fun experience. If I end up in this field, I hope to make the difference in children's lives that will last them for their entire lives. I had a taste of this for my most second affiliation and I enjoyed it very much. I plan to continue to gain more knowledge from classes and more clinical experiences.

Through all the athletics I have been involved in, I have become interested in the area of sports medicine.  I love learning about exercise physiology and how to best improve athletes performances. I hope to one day help athletes recuperate from injuries in order to allow them do the event they love. I have had the experience of having a long recovery period after an injury and hope to help athletes get back to their sports as soon as possible. I plan to grow as a physical therapist by incorporating the exercise science and physiology background into the knowledge I gain from my Physical therapy classes. With continued determination and education, I hope to continue to grow and impact the lives of other people by helping them develop and improve their quality of life and performance.

I plan to take the opportunity to travel and work in other countries as a Physical Therapist. I love learning about other cultures and traveling to other areas to see the differences in lifestyle.  I plan to volunteer abroad for some short term trips and also work in different parts of the United States to get the full experience of the infinite different cultures.