Lauren Mazzo, 2011

Lauren Mazzo's ePortfolio

 "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined." - Henry David Thoreau

My name is Lauren Mazzo and I am a freshman Journalism student at Ithaca College. I currently have an Honors minor and also plan to minor in Integrated Marketing Communications. In the future I would love the chance to be a broadcast or print reporter, but I am also very interested in Public Relations and new social media platforms. To me, the entire communications field is incredibly exciting and interesting, and I look forward to exploring many different career options within it.  

I'm originally from Rochester, NY but I hope to live in and visit many places around the country and world. During my four years at Ithaca, I plan to study abroad for a semester and complete internships in both New York City and Los Angeles. I am currently in my seventh year of Spanish language classes, and hope to someday be fluent. 

The world of media is changing rapidly and dramatically; connecting with people around the world has never been so easy or accessible. For this reason, the ability to conduct international business and communication is more essential than ever. I hope that my proficiency in the Spanish language can help me make professional connections or aid me in certain international projects that may arise throughout my career. These international relations will most likely be made through all different types of new and constantly changing technology that I am excited to learn all about. Because almost all current communications are made digitally, I hope to become a journalist who aids publishers in the transition between print and digital distribution. I believe that newspapers and magazines will never be quite the same on a screen as in their original format, but I do look forward to pioneering the movement and ensuring that they can take full advantage of new technology. I think that social media and upcoming media platforms will be crucial in this transition, and crucial in any part of the communications world. This is why I am planning on minoring in Integrated Marketing Communications; I believe that the skills taught by this program will be helpful in whichever communications career I pursue. I think that flexibility in the field is key — you never know what skills a certain job may require of you, where it will need you to travel, or what kind of clients it will require you to work with. Beyond this, the entire communications field is constantly changing because society's attention is never focused on one thing for very long. With an absolutely incredible amount of information being thrown at consumers during every moment of the day, the battle for communicating a specific point is more fierce than ever.

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