Time and time again I've been asked what I want to be when I grow up. For so long I had no answer to this question. As time passed I realized that TV-R was my true calling. Through hard work and perseverance I managed to get accepted into Ithaca. A place where I knew my dreams would come true, due to the amazing opportunities they offer. As my life continues I'd love to get a job with a television station working as a news anchor or field correspondent. Recently, thanks to Ithaca, I'd like to also try a career in the Radio aspect of my major. I've never been into the technological side of my major, yet I consider myself to be relatively talented with Final Cut Pro. Though my skills are novice compared to others, I'd like to hone those skills while here at Ithaca. Even though I have a plan about what I'd like to do in life, I know that things never go as planned.

   As I embark on my journey through college I intend to learn about how the media industry works. Will I be able to get a job? I believe that Ithaca College has the answer to that question and is preparing me to overcome any future obstacles.  I hope to develop the skills that I need to make it in the industry for my desired major. I’d like to become an anchor woman or a field correspondent therefore I want to know and learn the skills that will help me accomplish my dreams, but I'd like to try out every aspect of the field before I leave Ithaca. I’m interested in learning about foreign affairs, such as politics or cultures in foreign countries. I feel that knowing more about the world will help me to get jobs in different countries which would be ideal.

   When looking through the vast majority of goals that I have, I realized that there is a lot of hard work and preparation that I will need to accomplish before my dreams can become a reality. With perseverance I will have to overcome and challenges that occur between now and the time I graduate. It will be a hard task to learn how to prepare myself for the work force.  I'm determined to do everything in my power to reach my goals.