Hello! Welcome to my ePortfolio. I am a Junior at Ithaca College as a Film and Photography BFA major with a minor in Theater. I am expected to graduate in 2014.        

         I love the look and feel of films, and aspire to work in the art department for films. I would love to do Art Direction or Production Design, and I have a special interest in costuming. I truly believe that the art is one of the most underrated aspects of film, which is crazy to me, because the artistic design can make or break a film. I hope to work my way into the field and show people just how interesting it can be!

         S’Park has shown me how important technology is in today’s changing world, and this is increasingly true in the artistic world, especially in design. My theater studies are invaluable as theater and film go hand in hand, and the design and production skills I am learning in the theater translate directly to my filmmaking.

         Take a look around my ePortfolio and enjoy!