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Welcome to my ePortfolio!

My name is Liuqing Yang. I am from Luoyang, Henan, China. I am a second semester freshman year student of Ithaca College. I am working on completing my Bachelor of Art degree in Journalism and Politics, and I am also having a minor in Still Photography.

At the age of six, I read a book written by a Chinese war photographer working for Xinhua News Agency. It was a memoirs of him experiencing the Gulf War. I was so fascinated by those people under his pen and those places in front of his lens. Later on, I have been inspired by a lot of great works done by correspondents all over the world. Then, I know, deeply from my heart, that I am going to be a journalist someday.

My high school, Puyang Oilfield No.1 High School, is a conservative and traditional Chinese high school. It focuses on students' academic achievement much more than on their extra-curricular activities. In my second year, we founded our Student Government Union, and I was elected as the secretary general. In early 2009, after over two months' preparation and numerous negotiations with the school, our local newspaper, and the printing, our first copy of our first school paper, the bi-weekly Times of No.1 High, came out under my efforts.

I hope that through this page you can get to know me better as a professional but also as a person. Please feel free to browse this page and contact me.