Marissa Accordino

Hello everyone! Welcome to my E-portfolio! My name is Marissa Accordino, and I am currently a freshman Integrated Marketing Communications major at the Roy. H Park School at Ithaca College. I am from Massapequa, NY, a town on Long Island, but will most likely venture out into a big city—perhaps Los Angeles or NYC! Overall, I am a well-rounded individual who takes interest in a variety of activities both in and out of my career path. In terms of things that pertain to Communications, I highly enjoy being organized, being creative, collaborating and public speaking. Outside of my major, I have a great love for the theater, art and music. However, one thing that I have a continuous passion for is helping others. I am no stranger to community service and here at Ithaca, I hope to become part of the philanthropy department associated with IC Women in Communications. Giving back to people is extremely important and I am very interested in combining my love for helping others with a possible career pertaining to IMC. 

By participating in S’Park: Igniting Your Future in Communications, I am now aware that with the constant field change, the standard communication I am wanting to participate in, is no longer standard. The world is ever changing and in order to succeed in this business, we need to accept it and embrace it with open arms. Social media plays a very important role in today’s communication. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr etc., are all part of a global initiative that is transforming the world into digital, internet form. This new form allows me to stay in constant contact with the world and to remain connected, an important part of any job I may take. The possibilities here are endless due to the fact that new media is ensuring I will be kept up to date with any industry that relates to the product or pitch I am selling.

Another thing from S’Park that really spoke true to me were the ten secrets for success. It has taught me to launch myself now and become my own brand. I must market myself, my career and be successful at it. Making a difference, rising to the top of an industry and building a story are vital. The various guest speakers such as Bill D’Elia and Peter Einstein are examples of people who have taken this motto and this education and have made it their own. I can only hope to become as successful as them.