Welcome to my E-Portfolio I am an Integrated Marketing Communications major and right now I am part of the class of 2016


  I want to be an advertisement manager for some big company; a company that is in the public eye all of the time, like NBC, or a well-known brand. I have wanted to do this for a while because of the fact that I am a creative person. With that said, I may stray from this path while I am here at IC but I do think that I want to do something in advertising. My creativity is in many forms, I am a very good drawer and painter and i like working with photography. I do not know tons about photography but if needed i would take a class to learn more about this. I also am good with numbers, and I believe that I know how to make things look presentable and good. I also play football here which means one of my talents is football, but it goes beyond football, I know how to work well and interact well with other people and I know how to lead. 

 I would really like to learn a lot more about advertising and marketing. There are banding tactics that I have learned so far that have interested me and I would definitely like o learn more about branding. Also I want to learn about what careers are out there in the advertising world. With that said, I would like to learn what these careers require to succeed and not only to succeed but also to prosper. I would like to expand my creativity, and my other skills that are required for a career in advertising.


I’ve learned in sPark that the media is constantly changing, that you need to be innovative in the field of communications to be successful.