Melinda Baublitz

My name is Melinda Baublitz and I am a sophomore majoring in Integrated Marketing Communications in the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College.

I came to Ithaca, New York all the way from El Cerrito, California, a small city about half an hour away from San Francisco. While I was in high school, I was a member and editor of the Yearbook staff at my school. As part of the staff and as an editor, I was in charge of designing, writing, editing, taking photos, conducting interviews, creating page layouts, and managing the overall production of the yearbooks. Through my involvement in the production of my school's yearbook, I found my love of creative expression and communication design through writing, layout design and photography. 

Currently at Ithaca College, I plan to continue with my creative expression through writing and design. I also plan to take advantage of many more of the wonderful opportunities that the Park School offers and to get more involved in some art and design based courses.

I plan to have a job that I will enjoy and hopefully love because it involves what I am passionate about - creative expression and communication design. I am a curious person with a strong desire to travel and learn new things every day. I have plans to travel the world and to try and make a change by doing what I am passionate about.

Connections and networking are important in all industries, and especially the media industry. Active networking and communication can help a person a lot on their path to success. It is important to be open to new opportunities and to learn as much as you can. The media industry is significantly globalized, so it is important to have a broad range of global understanding. Experience is a very beneficial thing in the media world. Internships and overall involvement in hands-on work that can help contribute to a person's overall knowledge of a certain field are very important in building up a good foundation. It is a good idea to expand your knowledge and get involved in many different areas of expertise. Lastly, yet very importantly, the media world is constantly changing and evolving every day. To be successful in this ever changing industry it is important to contribute to that change and truly add something new to the industry. My goal is to work hard to make that change and add something to the constantly evolving world of media, possibly even creating my own dream job!