My students in Korea



My name is Melanie Breault and I am a recent graduate of the Roy H. Park School of Communication at Ithaca College, where I earned my bachelor of arts in journalism. I minored in politics and economics, and am now finishing a year and a half of teaching English and writing to kindergarten and elementary students in Seoul, South Korea. While teaching, I have been focusing on the inner workings of the economic, social and educational aspects of Korean culture.


Now, I want to focus mostly on investigative education reporting. My true passion lies with writing for print or online publications, however, with changing technological times, I have found that pairing multimedia journalism with written reports can be both interesting and informative. Overall, I would like nothing more than to write about the injustices of the world's education systems.


While in South Korea, I have been updating my blog – which I normally would reserve for political commentary – with stories from my school and kids, my personal experiences, news in Korea as well as more political commentary about the United States from an “outsider’s” point-of-view.



Please feel free to explore my website. It has clips, links and photos of my work from the past four years or so. While attending school, I was lucky enough to have amazing internships with some of the best publications and independent media outlets I know, including GRITtv with Laura Flanders and The Nation magazine. I also have PDFs of some of my papers from my journalism and economics classes, if you are interested.


If you have any other questions about my work, if you would like to see more, or if you would just like to talk about the current state of education around the world, please feel free to email me at or join my Linkedin network here. Also, follow me on Twitter @mbreaul1!  




Melanie Breault