High School Graduation (June 2011)

Welcome to my ePortfolio. My name is Monifa Renee Brooks, I am a Freshman Integrated Marketing Communication student in the Roy H. Park School of Communications.

I'm not really sure when I knew that I wanted to work in the Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing field but when I knew everything just sort of clicked for me. I've always been pretty interested in being the person who makes everyone else look good and also makes themselves look good by making others look good. I also like people so I really wanted to be able to work with people and being a PR person I would get to work with different clients on whatever it is that they want my assistance for.

Being good with people is a key element you should have. Also being good with your words, sometimes you have the spin things a certain way to make them sound a bit better than it really is. But that comes with the job title. I find this field to be a fast changing but a rewarding one and I  can't wait to start getting more experience in it. 

At Ithaca I want to take advantage of every single opportunity the Park School gives us. I want to be well rounded and ready to go out into the work force and be very qualified for whatever job I may get. The way I'll get experience is by doing internships and more internships, if you want real life experience you intern. Park gives their students lots of internship opportunities which is something that I really like. I'm planning on studying abroad in Los Angeles, London, New York and applying to internship for the 2014 Winter Olympics. I strive for a lot. 

I am also considering picking up a minor in business. Business and Integrated Marketing Communications go hand in hand. I'll be working for a business so I should know how a business works and different aspects that I may have to use later on. 

Park School also has an overwhelming amount of alumi that come back here, take interns for Park and are just a big help to even know so I'd like to start networking more and meeting some important people that I could possibly intern with or work for in the future.

I've been taking a freshman course this semester in Park and it has taught me many things. I've learned a lot about how the media will spin stories to make the story more controversial against someone in the story. We also got to Skype with many different people that are in the working industry and they have given me some cool things to think about. The fact that I could start up my on business if that is what I wanted to do, we met an entrepreneur that started his own business at 23, it was very impressive. We also talk a lot about social media and we use it during our class by tweeting or posting on Facebook. Social media is an amazing thing that we all have now to be able to stayed connected with one another on many different levels. I am hoping to use some of these things that I have learned in this class to better understand the business and figure out what I may want to focus on later on in life.