My friend and I before high school graduation.

Hello my name is Michelle Coffman and I am a freshman Health Sciences Pre-Med major at Ithaca College. I am in the department of Human Performance and Physical Education within the school of Health Sciences and Human Performance. During my undergraduate career, I plan on volunteering, joing and leading clubs, and gain job experience through inernships.

After graduate school, I plan on becoming a Physicians Assistant where I can participate in proactively impacting people's lives. I'm excited to overcome the challenges and obstacles in order to achieve my goal of becoming a Physicians Assistant.

Outside of school, I plan on meeting people who have similar hobbies. As an Oregonian native, any outdoor activity appeals to me. Hiking, mountain biking, camping, and rafting are some of my favorites. My other interests include reading, bowling, rugby, volkswagen collectables, and creating art.