I am Matthew Dezii.  I hail from Haddon Township in the great state of New Jersey.  As a graduate of Haddon Township High, I take with me many skills gathered from diverse experiences.  I actually did it all.  I performed on the stage, developing my deep and powerful voice; I played sports as part of a team, as well as individually.  I helped to raise funds, I played in the band, and I exercised my brain as part of the academic challenge team.  I ran for student council and class office six different times, and lost every election.  I am no stranger to setbacks, and every time, I dusted myself off and helped out in any other way that I could.

I was afforded many opportunities in high school, I went to the National Youth Leadership Conference the beginning of my junior year, and that shaped my high school involvement from there on.  I listened more to better collaborate; I realized that there was nothing I couldn’t do if I tried hard enough.  Later that year, I did attended a program with KYW News Radio in Philadelphia, and that shaped my interests, and directed me towards a communications major.  The summer before my senior year, I attended American Legion Jersey Boys State, and again I was afforded the opportunity to lead.  I ran for a county seat, and won my first election! This was a really cool moment for me, as I was later encouraged to run for state assemblyman.  I won that election, and was then a part of the legislative body for the rest of the week.  There I learned parliamentary procedure, and again, speaking and more importantly listening skills, necessary to synthesizing ideas to create a bill that is effective and fair, yet appeals to all.

In school though, I also managed to lead despite my lack of office.  On stage, I played many lead roles, but was never the most talented actor or singer.  The strength I had that few others had was a command of the role, yes, but also a command of the demands of having a lead role.  A “lead” must know their lines, and be punctual and present at rehearsal, leading by example with focus and preparedness.  If you have lines to say, characters with no lines become resentful when you don’t know yours.  Back stage, I also lead as the head painter on our stage crew.  I directed a small group of people, painting quickly, efficiently, and yes, beautifully.  In such an artistic setting, clearly communicating an artistic vision was critical in creating a beautiful set.

Communication is my department, and a large part of communication is language.  I speak English, and that is enough for now, but soon, I will need to become proficient in another language to keep up with the world.  I took five years of Latin, and fortunately, that helps me more than you would think, and when I start learning a foreign language, I will have at least a basis for coherent grammar, and Latin is the base for most European languages.  Another language that is helpful to know is the visual language.  Knowing how to interpret images, whether at the movies or on your television, is crucial in knowing what you are supposed to draw from the message so carefully crafted for you to view.

Knowledge is power! And being able to craft an image for viewer consumption is a valuable skill.  Knowing your audience is crucial for effective marketing, and effective communication of what you want the audience to do or feel.  Something that helps this is knowing something unique, and knowing it well.  Everyone brings something unique to the table, and you can never know what knowledge or skill they posses until you sit down with them and work together.  Along this vein, knowing people with unique talents and skills can never hurt you, so network, and never burn bridges.  You can always use an extra hand on a project.

With all of this communication, all of these ways to get a message across, I see a new offshoot of traditional marketing becoming a field of prospective jobs: social media consultant.  There will always be traditional advertising on the television and in magazines and on billboards, but making efficient use of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube can supplement business, especially in the younger demographics that are really hip to new media.  While a TV/R major, I can work to create movies for YouTube, or create innovative radio spots, and create a following for myself, my own personal brand using new media.