Michael Falconieri in a black suit, silver and black striped tie, and grey fedora

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I am an aspiring broadcast journalist, and one day I would like to be in the sports field.  Ever since I realized I could not play sports professionally, I knew my goal would be to work in the sports media field one day. I watch ESPN almost every day, and when I am not around a television I make sure to keep track of things on ESPN's website. Watching ESPN so much has made me incredibly well versed in all sports. I know many of the players and rules of sports that I never sat down and watched, such as golf,NASCAR, and hockey. I know that having this knowledge of sports will help me in my desired dream job. My dream job would be to be a host on a show such as Sportscenter, or any show that is similar to it. I have several qualities and talents that will help me with my dream. I have a good sense of humor and I speak well under pressure, both essential qualities of on-air talents. I also have a vast knowledge of sports and am willing to dedicate as much time as possible to achieve that goal. I would feel honored if I could give America's its sports related news every day. I know I am highly interested in sports, so I would never get bored with my job.


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email: Mikefalconieri@yahoo.com

Phone Number: (917) 538-9494