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I am a student at Ithaca College in the Roy H. Park School of Communications. I am a Television-Radio major in the class of 2015 and working toward a media production concentration.

Since being at Ithaca College I have learned that some current jobs in the industry may not be around by the time we graduate. But the spread of social media has helped with adding jobs in the media field. This developing trend will also help with target advertising and, in the field of television, keeping the audience members interacting with the shows they are watching. The use of social media needs to match the current trends of technology. A key tool which a lot of students use is video sites, such as YouTube and Hulu, which I think are important in generating revenue for the industry because, when viewers watch full episodes, they are more likely to respond to the advertisements which are shown throughout. This revenue adding strategy can be improved by having an interesting, interactive show.

Currently shows that I am working on are Newswatch 16 as a Assistant Director. Last semester on Newswatch I was camera operator, still store, and floor manager. For the live field shows on the production truck for basketball and football, I was the Student engineer, audio, and replay on a Grass Valley K2 Dyno for basketball.

In the future I would like to direct a news program, special live events, or sports shows for one of the main networks.

I would bring to your company leadership skills, commitment to hard work, and a willingness to learn new things. This is shown by my having achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in the ninth grade, much earlier than the usual case.

Ways of contacting me are:

Phone: 215-500 8657


Twitter= @MilesJEG