My name is Matt Guarnaccia and welcome to my e-Portfolio!  I am a TVR major with a concentration in Media Studies and a Junior transfer student.

   So many different topics interest me when it comes to technology and changing media.  Above and beyond, however, I am fascinated by the possibility of going anywhere on Earth and having access to the internet.  It seems like we have advanced so quickly in the world of technology and communication.  I don't think anyone could have predicted the enormity of the internet and the sizable impact that it has on our world today.  Not only is the internet fast, but we can virtually find out any information anywhere at any second with 3G technology and with a significant number of people owning wireless devices.  In one of the videos we watched there was a stat that stated that by 2014, seventy percent of the world would be networked.  That means that many places in Africa and Asia that we would consider poor would be able to access the internet.  This is a positive step to creating a better and smarter world, and if we use this technology correctly we can make the world a much more effective place. 

   Another thing I have noticed in this class is what I like to call the "Photoshop Syndrome".  Every time someone sees a magnificent photo someone has to say "oh that has to be photoshopped" or "that's not real".  Everybody now has to look at each picture individually and make a decision on whether or not something is genuine, and nothing can be taken on anyone else's word.  It is hurting the photography world and those who are passionate about photography or who make a living on it, their work will now unfortunately be put under a spotlight.  We have stepped into a time where believe fabrication has become the norm, and we have to pick the truth out of that, even though in reality there are more pure creations than not.  

   Aside from that, however, what really amazes me is the amount of influence the media has in our lives.  Not only by the fact that we are so plugged in to electronics in our world, but the fact that media can shape our ideas, and how we perceive a number of things.  It seems that we cannot go three seconds without checking Facebook or going on the internet, and I do that from time to time as well.  But the interesting thing is that anything we are told by media outlets or that we see on Facebook or Twitter could be completely false, but if enough people believe it, the population may take it as fact.  I may sound cynical, but it is impossible to know what has been fabricated.  I guess this kind of ties back to photography, but the truly disheartening thing is that it is impossible to know the effects of this on our future.  Like it or not Facebook will become "one of those fads everybody used to do", but now we live in the technology age where information is only a click away. 

In addition to this, I have also come to realize how much "user driven content" we have in our world.  Youtube is a huge example, and you would be hard pressed to find anyone who at the very least knows a person who puts videos on youtube.  In one of the classes, I remember talking about how all of us are photographers or producers.  The vast majority of college students have cell phones, and those phones almost always have digital or video cameras.  This has changed society as well, such as the cases of police brutality where someone took out there phone and recorded a video.  It is nearly impossible to keep thing secret anymore because everyone has a camera to use and "behind the scenes" is becoming less and less.

 When Bill D'Elia, producer of the show Harry's Law, came and spoke to our S'Park class he said, that the biggest mistake people make in the field of communications is that they decide too early what they want to do.  I am planning to live my college career by that notion.  I want to know what it is like to do everything, and try everything that there is so that I can see what I like and what I don't.  I came to Ithaca to experience everything they have to offer, and I'm excited by that prospect.