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   In the past year I quickly uncovered that I was interested in the world of communications, specifically production. I always loved movies and television not so much just for entertainment but for the stylistic way the director decided to shoot it. Originally I wanted to go into the film world and direct or produce a featured length film and win an Oscar, that's my dream. Though after I became a TVR major here I'm actually enjoying the world of television and perhaps may go in that direction. I'm creative and I like to see visually creating interesting shots with the camera. I enjoy transforming sets to make the scene look as believable as possible. I'm good at voicing my opinion as well as encouraging others to share theirs and I work well with others.  

 I need more experience and the best teachers to be the greatest in this industry. I learn visually and prefer a hands on lesson taught step by step slowly so I can understand and appreciate what it is I'm trying to learn. In the television and film industries a lot of the time connections are better then a resume. I'm looking forward to meeting and socializing with the people crucial for my career. Since the television and film world is based a lot on who you know I need to gain experience. Meeting new people allows me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and my experience. I also believe internships are an important way to get out there and learn

Perfect practice makes perfect plus hard work and determination equals my motivation to succeed.

Monet A. Hall 

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