My name is Marissa Hermann I am from Burnt Hills, New York. I am currently a Communications Management and Design major at Ithaca with a pending minor in Journalism. Being a Communication Management and Design major, I have an interest in using creativity and communication for the greater good of people. I like working with people but also like to present information and publicly speak. I find that I am a strong writer when the topic is something meaningful or something I am passionate about. I find that I am open-minded to other’s ideas and a good “team-player”.  I feel that to do what I am most interested in, I need to work more on my overall communication and organizational skills. I enjoy publicly speaking but I wish I were better at it. I think that with practice, I would become more comfortable with speaking to large crows of people. I also would like to work more on taking my creative ideas and putting them to paper. I think that we are all creative and unique but some people have a harder time forming their ideas to make sense. My organizational skills can always use work especially when working on a big project with many other people. I would love learning more about social media and advertising to impact an audience.