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Hello, and welcome to my ePortfolio Page! I'm an Ithaca College student currently enrolled in the B.F.A. Film, Photography, and Visual arts program, and I plan on graduating in the spring of 2016. Please feel free to stay a while, have a look, and enjoy my site.

 In all honesty, I want to be a story-teller. All my life I have grown up listening to, reading, watching, and dreaming stories. After years of observing this craft in its various mediums, I noticed that films and visual media have a profound impact in my own life story. At this point, I would like to study the most compelling films in history, their narrative framework, stylistic elements, and cultural significance, and use this knowledge to inspire my own artistic vision in filmmaking. I am very passionate about the power of visual creativity, and I constantly have images running through my mind. Once I am familiar with a video editing system, the possibilities with visual media seem endless to me.      My previous experience and education lies in the area of Television journalism and communications. I was able to report on the scene, film underwater, create video advertisements, anchor on student produced news, help create the musical score for a short film, and participate in film festivals. I found that my talents are performing under pressure, organizing or creating a captivating story, and adding the creative touch that gives significance to a visual project. There is no certainty in my mind yet whether I will pursue writing, cinematography, editing, or directing, but my familiarity with acting and working with others to achieve a certain artistic vision seem to be leading toward directing. Whatever area I choose, I hope to one day help create a visual world, and tell the story that will inspire other dreamers.

I have quite a bit to learn to become successful in my area of interest, which is filmmaking. I would like to focus on the technical aspects of filmmaking, such as how to utilize different types of equipment, as well as how to edit in various systems. This will help prepare me for future occupations that require individuals with a wide range of experience. In addition to learning the technical area of this trade, I am very interested in learning how to properly direct and manage a film, in all areas of production. Eventually, my goal is to strengthen my leadership skills, and become an active participant in various projects.

I feel I need to have more field production experience to help reach my goals. In addition to this, intensive training and required work on projects in various editing programs would also help me achieve my aspirations. I learn the best from hands-on experience, so being involved with as many projects and shoots as possible will be the best way for me to enhance my skills and knowledge. I could round out my knowledge and experience by applying for an enriching internship, that will require more on my part than just serving coffee. Essentially, I need to be involved in something intellectually stimulating, that increases my skill base.


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Phone: 717-490-2704