Since I was very young I have always had a knack for electronics. Whether it was a computer, a television, or a video game system, I was always interested in how and why it worked. For this reason, I decided that a career in televsion was a good fit for me.

I know that in the TV business, it is best to try to combine outside passions into one's specific career choice. I have been playing sports since I was Three years old and am a member of the Ithaca College football team. For this reason, it seems fitting that I follow in the footsteps of my parents and enter into Sports TV. The media is constantly changing, and with the emergence of the internet in recent years, it is starting to seem like TV may be a less desirable option. In spite of this fact, though, it is clear that there will always be a large market for Live Sports in High Quality, which means barring a miracle which allows television quality video to be streamed in real time over the internet for low cost, Sports TV will still be thriving for a long while.

Because it is important in breaking into Television business to get as much experience as early as possible, I have taken up both internships and real jobs with different Television Broadcast Companies. At Ithaca College I am utilizing the plethora of experience opportunities offered at the Park School of Communications. I am working as a camera man on a student run Sports Show, "The Gridiron Report."

Outside of IC, I had the opportunity to shadow two Technical Directors (TDs), Colby Bourgeois and John Howard, and was even given the opportunity of switching (the verb used to describe what a TD does during a game or race) a Nascar race. In addition to my time spent shadowing, I work for Fox Sports as a Production Assistant and I will be a Production Assistant for NBC Sports during the Winter Classic this January.

I know that the future of media seems to be in portable handheld devices and over the internet but I am confident that the Live Sports TV business will always thrive so I am throwing myself totally can completely into it. I have complete faith that I will have the opportunity to succeed in this business and I look forward to when I can move to it full time. I have learned that any head hunters in media, specifically those at Disney, look for passionate and talented people who will work hard and have the potential to lead others. I believe that I have these traits, and that I have the ability to not only get my foot in the door of the Live Sports Television business, but to excel and climb the ladder.