a close-up of me in Spain

Welcome to my ePortfolio!

My name is Monica Lum and I am a student at Ithaca College.  I am currently pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications with a minor in Art.  All my life, I have lived in Tenafly, New Jersey-- a quaint, little town that sits about twenty minutes outside of New York City.  (That is what us, "Tenaflinians" like to take pride in.)  When in search of colleges, I craved to be in a different setting, which led me to my choice of attending Ithaca College.  Every day at Ithaca College, I can't help but experience new and exciting things.

I intend to use this portfolio as a showcase of my most recent and past accomplishments.  I also wish to utilize this as another way for others to contact me or view the work I've done.  As I continue on with my education, I will be continuously updating my portfolio, so please keep checking back to view my recent work!

To find out more about me, feel free to click here.  Also, please feel free to email me at: mlum1@ithaca.edu.