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Hello, and welcome to my profile. Currently, I am majoring in Television-Radio and attending the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College.

My dreams are vast and constantly growing with increased knowledge and skill in the fields of communications and media. My primary goal is to work successfully in the industry and to become a valuable asset to any medium I become professionally involved with. Ideally, my eventual success would be a career as a television or film producer. I believe that my passion for minor detail as well as my ability to visualize a finished product is a foundation for expanding my creative abilities. The instruction I receive from the Roy H. Park School is essential to my progression as an artist and communicator and will be a strong component to any future accomplishments I achieve. I hope to expand my existing abilities in shooting video on camera, editing footage on Final Cut, capturing audio and mixing with Pro Tools, and manipulating images on Photoshop. While using technology has always been central to my interests, I also enjoy scholarly reading and media research. I’m an excellent writer and intellectual conversationalist, and have been known to be very persuasive as well as informative concerning a variety of issues.

From my experiences in Park thus far, I have learned to be flexible while developing my skills due to the widespread demand of employees that can effectively multi-task in different areas of knowledge. I've also come to a realization that social media is only at its youngest, most undeveloped stage and will probably grow to be our primary method of obtaining information. If we can integrate it properly with our current "traditional" media, I feel as though there will be a stronger sense of community and connectedness amongst people that will encourage previously unattainable insight and knowledge. A major point that I've gathered from the strong advice of the many Park faculty and alumni is that the media industry is evolving and will continue to do so at a quick pace. There is a natural human need to communicate messages and to receive information; as long as global societies continue to thrive, it is guaranteed that those who are educated in these areas will be a necessity in the work force.


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