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My name is Matt and I'm a student in the Roy H. Park School of Communications. I have a serious love for anything audio related. Especially music. I LOVE MUSIC. I play multiple instruments in a few different gigging bands, and its my favorite thing to do. I also love working at WICB, it's taught me a lot about the business, and what it takes to work in it. I think I'm talented in my work ethic, I work very hard when I enjoy what i'm doing, and people notice. I think my work ethic is my biggest talent, no job is too big, because if I'm motivated to do it, I'll never stop working.  

I know from personal experience that I learn best by doing. Any thing I learn is easier to grasp if I can have an experience doing it. I need work in the field of my chosen degree, and I've started doing that by working at WICB, and taking up responsibilities for the station. I now understand how a radio station works much better than before. 

I would enjoy this hands on experience with all aspects of the business, especially related to audio production. I hope to work more on my skills as an audio engineer very intensively for the next three years, and this is what I need to learn.