Profile Picture of Megan Morris

I am a Communication Management Design major with an Honors minor and I plan on graduating at the end of 2014.

I am very interested in Public Relations and Event Planning.  I have always enjoyed planning and hosting events and I love working with people.  I aspire to one day work for a company that is very active in the community.

After taking SPARK! I understand the importance of being able to utilize the various sources of social media such as twitter and Facebook. In our ever changing world I know that it is imperative that I keep up on the latest technology, because these mediums will be the main ways of reaching my target audiences in the future.  I also learned that I won't be working in a primarily American market, I will be working in a global market.  After listening to a few professionals I have learned that it is important to learn about other cultures so that when meeting with clients and presenting my advertising and marketing campaigns I don't offend anyone. Listening to all of the professional communicators gave me great insight into how important it is to get as much experience as I can while in college.  

During my next four years of college my main focus will be on networking with as many PR and Event Planning firms as well as local radio/news stations, event centers, and other companies.  I want to take part in as many internships as possible so that I can get my foot in the door. Many of the professionals we spoke to stated that their first jobs out of college were the outcomes of internships.  I learned that in order to be successful in the competitive communication industry I must make my ideas sound as exciting as possible during my pitch.  It was also suggested that I take classes not pertaining to my major as a way of broadening my horizons, David Muir told me "to know a little about a lot."

I have posted my art portfolio as well as activities and events I have taken part in, so please look around!