Megan OBrien

Hello! My name is Megan O’Brien; I am a freshman Television-Radio Major with a concentration in Production, here at Ithaca College.

Having the opportunity to study at the Roy H. Park School of Communications has been a dream come true. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been engrossed with the concepts of media and communications. I love the way a television show can take you back to an era allowing the audience to grasp little bits of culture from decades ago. I love how a movie can engage a viewer on so many different levels and can be watched over and over again. I love how music can send a message, make an impact, or raise awareness for a cause. Completely engrossed with the concept of communications, sophomore year I signed up for an elective at my high school, Video Communications. By early October, Video Communications had become my favorite class; I was writing scripts, filming and editing footage.  Hence, when it came time to pick classes junior year I signed up for Video Communications II. My classmates and I filmed and edited a weekly news program for our school. Senior year I took Honors Innovation and Design. I continued to help out with the news and created and entered videos in state and national competitions as well.

The past few years my love for communications has grown, and my hope is that it will continue to grow here at Park.  The Park School offers so many great opportunities. Over my next four years, I hope to gain the knowledge and tools- though experience, study abroad, and internships- necessary to succeed in the constantly changing world of media and communications.

Currently I would love to become a television producer, but if I change my mind along the way, I am convinced The Park School will provide me with the skills I could transfer to any company in any field.