On Beautiful Hermit Island, in Maine

Although did not watch any television or films at all before the age of nine, my parents almost continuously had our local public radio station playing in the background when I was a child. I recall having an interest in the world events I heard described from a fairly young age. As I grew older I developed a love of writing––while still being actively interested in current events and politics––and I realized that a job as a journalist would fit my wants perfectly.


In eleventh grade I had the opportunity to spend a week shadowing Diane Harris, the executive-editor at MONEY Magazine, and found all of the writers and editors at MONEY to be extremely interesting and engaging people, and decided then and there to only apply to colleges which offered journalism majors. 


Here at Ithaca College’s Park School, the tools to hone my craft as a journalist are readily available to me. My hope is that I will be able to take advantage of everything that is here! With the emergence of social media as a new tool for journalists, it is a fascinating time to be on the path to a career in journalism. Although many traditional journalism jobs are disappearing, many people forget the opportunities which social media provides us with to create our own brand or outlet for information.


As a journalist it is import to be able to objectively report on an issue, no matter where in the world you might be. Because of this, it is my hope to study abroad in Cuba in an attempt to understand the cultural differences which can permeate a person’s viewpoint on any issue imaginable. 


Although I can see myself going into many types of journalism, I am most attracted to print journalism (or perhaps we should start merely using the term “written journalism,” since iPads and Kindles will likely be the future of newspapers and magazines), particularly long-form investigative journalism. We live in a world with a constant flow of information, and being able to pick out of that constant flow the important issues or facts and relate them to a central issue through any kind of media is not easy––but when it is done correctly it is an absolute pleasure to take in.