Molly O'Neil

Hello & welcome to my e-Portfolio!

My name is Molly O'Neil and I am a Public & Community Health (PCH) major with a program emphasis at Ithaca College in the class of 2013. I chose to major in PCH after I tried an array of other health-related majors and wasn't fully enthusiastic about any of them. For me, that indecision was just what I needed to realize that majoring in PCH was the perfect fit. PCH focuses on making health a human right, providing equal opportunity for everyone. That notion is what drew me to the PCH major and what has kept me here, I want to make a difference by working to help provide opportunities for health equality. My long-term goal is to pursue a career in public health policy although my current goal is to focus on gaining more experience in the public health field.

My interest in public health policy has stemmed from courses that I have taken and internships that I have done. The internship that I believe most influenced this decision was my summer internship in Washington, D.C. at Senator Jeanne Shaheen's office. It was an opportunity to experience what goes on behind the scenes of Capitol Hill and see how policies are created. My dream is to see equity in health  for all populations and I know that in order to work towards that goal there must be policies in place to reduce health disparities. Ithaca College has prepared me for a career in public health policy by providing me with a mindset to become my own leader by teaching me to take initiative, work with groups, and develop steps to achieve long-term goals.

Please look around my portfolio and learn more about me and my experiences! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at: