Michael Petit

Leaders Scholar, Honors Program

Violinist, Music Education '16

mpetit1@ithaca.edu             michaelpetit24@gmail.com


Hello! My name is Michael Petit and I am a freshman at Ithaca College. I am from Southington, Connecticut - a busy suburb of Hartford County - where I've lived my whole life. I made this eportfolio to share my accomplishments at IC and to help track my progress in my college education. I am studying to be a music teacher so I am a music enthusiast and I love being exposed to music in all forms. There are so many opportunities at IC to express myself (like the major ensembles and clubs, or even this eportfolio) and to hone my skills as a violinist (at the fantastic Whalen School of Music). Please take a look at my sections and photos to get a sense of my other interests and endeavors and don't hesitate to contact me at my above emails. Thank you!


Here is a short statement about my ambitions and career plans:

     When it comes to my future, I am preparing myself for a career in music education. I have pursued my music education with private lessons and the orchestras that the Hartt School of Music offers. I furthered this education by participating in All-State and Regional music festivals, the New England Chamber Choir, various drama productions as a pit violinist, teaching music to Bible School students, volunteering in a handbell choir, attending the Luzerne Music Camp and volumes more. I was looked to for any musical leadership in my ensembles, becoming various section leaders and earning offices. Throughout all of these occurrences I made sure to remember the virtuous attitudes of my music teachers in order to effectively teach and lead just as they did.

     As a result of the unfailing guidance of my many music teachers, I myself have decided to major in music education. Once completing a Bachelors and a Masters degree, I hope to practice pedagogy in private lessons and schools. I will teach children the skill of creating something wonderful and I hope they will learn from my example. Subsequently, I will conduct a community orchestra at a local parish to reach out to children in a way similar to my own situation. With these ventures, I will influence my community to sustain the arts and expand its academic training.    

     I am a witness to the unlimited power that a good teacher possesses. I am the person I am today because of my education in school and at music lessons. Many of my personal interests and preferences have even stemmed from all that I have learned in my eighteen years at educational facilities and in private studies. My music teachers, both at school and in my pedagogy, seemed to be able to magically weave their invisible art through their inspired students with ease. If I could one day do the same then my ultimate educational goal to inspire my students would be complete. My education experience has positively influenced me to pursue a career in Music Education.