Michael Post

Hello and welcome to my ePortfolio! I am currently a graduate student of physical therapy at Ithaca College and loving every bit of it! I have had two fabulous experiences at clinical affiliations in Cincinnati, Ohio and Seattle, Washington and am looking forward to the final portions of acquiring my doctorate degree in physical therapy. I have had the opportunity to work in both pediatric and geriatric environments thus far within the clinical practice of physical therapy. I am glad to have the opportunity to say that they were both fantastic and rewarding experiences that have provided me with wonderful experiences. These previous experiences will aid me in my final two affiliations in Rochester, New York and Towanda, Pennsylvania with another pediatric affiliation and a local hospital setting. My mind is open to these future clinical experiences and their settings within the practice and I look forward to further discovering what else is available for me as I approach the beginning of a long career in the field. My passions for physical exercise and overall well-being drive my day-to-day lifestyle as I am constantly looking for ways to self-improve; this includes my skill and proficiency in assisting others towards their own self-improvement goals. I also have many hobbies to fill my free time; these include learning Italian, playing guitar, hiking, bare-footwear, socializing, exercising, spending time with my baby nephew and sister, and playing sports. Thanks for taking the opportunity to get to know me through reading my ePortfolio and please feel free to leave me a message while you are here.