Mike Powers

My name is Mike Powers. I am from Collegeville, Pennsylvania and am currently a freshman at Ithaca College studying Television –Radio with concentration in Media Production. My passion for many years now has been the broadcasting and production of sporting events and shows in an interesting and informative manner.  For three years I broadcasted my high school’s football and basketball games, researching both teams involved in the contest and looking for storylines that accompanied the matchup at hand. However, my sole focus was not being in front of the camera. I was involved in the production process of various sports shows as well.  I wrote, produced and anchored the sports segment of our school’s weekly news show “The Rundown”. “Full Court Press” was a weekly basketball show that I created, produced and anchored that was dedicated to player and coaching interviews of the weeks games and upcoming contests. Finally, I was co-director for the weekly football show “The Gridiron” which featured player and coach interviews as well as a look ahead to next week’s game. My passion for sports has been evident throughout my life and in the future I hope to be involved in this continuously changing entertainment medium in any aspect due to my versatility.


            The communications world is rapidly changing.  Whether it is the convergence of social media such as Twitter and Facebook, or the convergence of all means of communication to smartphones, the world of communication is becoming faster paced and instantaneous every day. The demand for information has developed just as rapidly and consumers have become accustomed to receiving information, entertainment or news immediately due to these developments. In order for the field of communications to maintain success, the various aspects such as advertising, production and distribution of a product or show must work together to meet this demand and satisfy a wide and vast audience.  With that in mind, I see myself being an integral part of the changing world in sports media.  Producing, filming or broadcasting live action sports for a targeted audience is where I see my talents being most affective in this entertainment sector. I want to be able to engage an audience by relaying sporting events in an entertaining and interactive experience.  My thoughts and ideas for the current sports media realm are exciting and I would like to have the opportunity to aid in the continuing convergence of communication by making sure sports remains a staple amidst these changes.