Just a recent picture of yours truly.


Are you looking for an enthusiastic, innovative, caring English, special education, or elementary teacher? Well, look no further!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Michelle Quirk and I am certified to teach English, special education, and elementary K-5 in New Jersey. I have a Bachelor of Arts in English (with minors in art history and honors in humanities and sciences) and a Master of Arts in adolescent education.

I have wanted to be a teacher ever since I was young, which I believe is evident in my passion for teaching. I have learned a great deal from my past teaching experiences, which have included working in different types of school in several areas. One of my goals is to design English language arts curricula so that I may integrate my passion for literature with my pedagogical knowledge as I work with colleagues to create enduring understandings, authentic assessments, and collections of relevant and engaging resources.

I love language and literature, theatre, art history, music, and science. My hobbies include volunteering with the Collingswood Shakespeare Company, writing, playing the flute, making jewelry, amateur photography, teaching myself HTML5, cooking, playing board games, and spending time outside. I enjoy being involved in activities and events that are arts-, volunteer-, and civil-rights- oriented.

I invite you to explore my e-portfolio by using the navigation bar on the left. You can review my philosophies, my methods, and even documents and other artifacts that are representative of my work, standards, and beliefs. I highly suggest traversing through the eight subsections under "Elements of Effective Teaching" in which I cover content knowledgeplanning and instruction,assessmenttechnologya positive learning environmentdiversitycollaboration and outreach, and professional development.

*Note: Please forgive any book titles that are not properly italicized/underlined in captions; I have yet to discover how to do that using this web program. Thank you for your understanding.