Fake Out


Raised in Glastonbury, Connecticut, I learned the meaning of diligence at a very early age.  According to Dictionary.com diligence is described as a constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken, persistent exertion of body or mind. What obstacle could a sixth grade boy possibly overcome and be overtly proud of?  I was diagnosed with a disease. I was bitten by the theater bug and there was no possible cure. Do I consider my self an actor? Singer? Dancer? No. I am an entertainer and a performer.  I love to make people feel emotions. Through the arts we can create emotions within audiences of masses or smaller groups, even one on one.  

At Ithaca College, I have begun to surround my self with opportunities to further my knowledge in the Television and media industries. I participate in TV shows on ICTV, I have been an actor, lighting assistant, teleprompter operator, assistant producer, associate producer, writer, host, guest, production assistant, production designer, and many more.  Of course the opportunity I am most proud of is my own TV show.  Spring of 2013 I produced a show called Boys of 213.  My co-producer and I created, wrote, directed, casted, edited, and produced our very own 4 episode sitcom about 3 boys who live in a double dorm room.  The series was a huge hit and premiered that April on ICTV serving on Time Warner Cable.  It gave me the tools to understand pre and post production, how to manage a set, and the ability to work with a talented cast and crew to create a product we were all very proud of.  I hope to continue working as a TV innovator.  

There are 240,0000,000 Televisions in the U.S. and Facebook has 310 Million users a day that visit it's website.  These facts are incredible and we can use the technology to reach so many people. People who can create, people who can dream, people who can affect the lives of other people, whether small changes or large scale shifts, we each can work together to better our world and produce entertainment and media that will inspire a bigger, and brighter future.  

With our rapidly changing and digitally driven society, we should be looking beyond the horizon of what we can do, but instead we must start destroying our limits and striving for above and beyond.  For instance; do we start creating entertainment media solely for the internet?  We have so many ways to watch our favorite shows now that isn't on our 42 inch screen.  We can watch programs on Hulu.com or the network's specific websites, we can view clips on Youtube and Tumblr, and we can see pictures and get the inside scoop of our favorite characters through Twitter or Facebook.  

There are so many ways to reach the mass audiences these days that it's overwhelming.  I hope to, one day, star on the small screen and use my knowledge and experience as a Television-Radio major to connect with people all around the globe and make them laugh, cry, and think, about the world we live in.  And with the way our communication technologies are developing, I should plan to not only see my name in the opening credits of a TV show; but also online in blogs and chat sites, in Tweets and Facebook statuses, and in other forms of social media.  Communication and the way we watch entertainment is transforming, and I am ready to change with it.