Hi, I am Michael Sadwith and I am from Denver, Colorado.  I am currently a Television Radio Major at Ithaca College and plan to graduate in 2015.  I hope to minor in either Journalism or Sports Media.  Ever since I could read, I would read the sports section of the Denver Post newspaper everyday.  I was so intrigued in sports that I knew I wanted to do something within the sports world.  Since I enjoyed talking about sports or watching them, it led me to try and achieve my goal of becoming a sports broadcaster or journalist at Ithaca College.  I also have been extremely intrigued in the development of the technology and media world.

 Print media has become almost extinct in the world today, and there are now many new ways to give and receive sporting news and news in general.  Americans now have access to 1,000,000,000,000 web pages and newspaper circulation is now down 7 million over the past 25 years.  In the last five years readers of online newspapers are up 30 million.  ESPN and other sports networks have adopted to the fact that print is almost extinct and have joined in on the new world of online media. ESPN has a Twitter account, a Facebook page, blogs by journalist's who work for them and their website that gets many views a day.  People are able to socialize with ESPN through these social media sites.  Facebook gets over 310 million unique viewers per day and Twitter gets over 30 million viewers a day.  Social media and online journals have enabled ESPN to relay breaking news and connect with fans easier and quicker.  Since many people in the world now have smart phones and easy access to Internet they can check Twitter, Facebook, blogs and online journals multiple times a day.  This makes it easy to read and find out new updates and news throughout the day.  Its also important for broadcasters and journalists of ESPN, to have Twitter and Facebook accounts to relay breaking news to fans and fans want to follow them.  

Mass media and television networks like ESPN have become global and are now found in every country. The globalization of ESPN has been extraordinary for the station as it has adapted to many new cultures.  ESPN is not just in America.  There is also ESPN Deportes, which is televised in Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries.  The world of media is developing worldwide and it is important for people in the media field to realize and expand their work outside of the United States.  Even sports films are going global as we saw with Juice Groove Films production of Laduma.  ESPN hired Juice Groove Films, to document the experience of being in South Africa during the 2010 FIFA World Cup.  Globalization has allowed ESPN to view how important sports are in different cultures.  I took Spanish in high school for three years but I feel that it would be important to take Spanish or another foreign language again in College because of how globalized the profession of sports broadcasting and media has become.

Having passion and patience with journalism and broadcasting is key to becoming successful in the field.  It is not easy to get a successful job right away so you have to stick with it and move your way up in the field.  It could take many years but the more experience you have the more likely you will be promoted.  You want to put yourself out there and gain as much knowledge as you can about the different aspects of broadcasting and working on a television show.  Internships are also a key part in gaining experience because jobs look for that.  Starting internships at a young age show people in the field that you are serious about becoming successful.  Also with social media and online resumes it is easier to get jobs since people can have easier access to your resume, which makes it easier to find a job.   I hope to intern with the Colorado Rockies this summer and have already started working on Ithaca Colleges television and radio stations to gain as much experience as I can.  I hope to one day be working on Sportscenter as an anchor or an analyst or be the calling the action for a professional sports team.