taken 24 Oct 2012

       Welcome to my ePortfolio! I am a Journalism major and am planning to take an International Politics minor. I expect to graduate in 2016.


       I am interested in all things international. I always look for international news online or on TV. I enjoy learning about foreign countries and their cultures, languages, government, and history in order to better understand them as people. I took 4 years of German in high school and am now learning Mandarin Chinese, and I want to keep learning as many languages as possible throughout my life.


       I have a talent for writing and like to challenge myself with new forms, but the journalistic writing style of being concise and streamlined feels the most natural to me.


       Journalism is an exciting field to me. In the age of globalization, reliable news is absolutely necessary for people to be able to contribute to human progress. Being informed about the rest of the world is necessary for being a citizen of the world, and I believe it is imperative for young people today to consider themselves as part of a global community. In order for America to benefit the world or even just survive the 21st century, we need to truly understand how people around the world live and think.


       Developing my skills in writing, language, and media usage will improve my ability to reach people around the world with relevant news. I am excited to learn about and travel the world in search of news that can inspire discussion and innovation for the betterment of society, government, and mankind.