Entering Ithaca College as an Exploratory student, I have a wide variety of interests and subjects that I am passionate about. Art, such as graphic design, is one area that I am interested in doing as a future career. There are so many aspects and criteria of designing in marketing and advertising, and I would like to be involved with this business after graduating form college. Language and culture also interest me because I enjoy learning about diverse customs and values across the world, and how they communicate with one another. I would also like having a career that involves traveling to different regions of the world, so I can experience living in different cultures.

I also possess many talents and special skills. Ever since I was little, I loved drawing and had a talent for representing objects in real life onto paper. My drawings would always turn out looking almost identical to the actual object. Another special talent I have is playing the guitar. I began taking lessons when I was younger, and I feel that I have mastered so many chords and strumming techniques. I also have a talent for picking up foreign languages. I studied Spanish all throughout elementary school, middle school, and high school, and graduated high school with honors in this language. Taking Spanish was always easy for me because I became so accustomed to forming words and communicating in this language. When I was a freshman at Ithaca, I started to learn Italian, which I also began to pick up on at a fast pace.