My Story.

For as long as I can remember I have had a desire to use my able body to aid others in need. In reflection, this is by no means a self-provoked desire. Healing is in my blood, rooting from lessons of my family. Inspiration stems mainly from simple stories and experiences - pulling over on the side of an outbound city highway to help a couple change their tire, donating time in the community rather than money. I always looked up to my mother, father and brother for putting others before themselves. As a white man from a middle class upbringing, I understand that I have privilege and an ethical responsibility to use this privilege for good. In my case, that “good” is synonymous with healing.

Through my first three undergraduate years I have studied humanities that have allowed me to better understand healing, and how to do so. I primarily took courses in health and communication. These courses have fostered a greater appreciation for the importance of the relationship between practitioner and patient. Multi-directional and dimensional, healthcare relationships are what drew me to the field of Physical Therapy. Yes, the practice of helping and healing the public in a technical sense is essential, but with that comes the responsibility to learn stories and histories beyond a medical chart. This is a responsibility that I am committed and connected to. This is the responsibility of a Physical Therapist.

Therefore, I want to be a Physical Therapist because of my upbringing, and my personal growth through my undergraduate years. My upbringing has instilled a vital strength as I pursue Physical Therapy – the ever-present desire to help and heal. My experiences in the past few years have given me the skills and appreciation of listening, and relationship building, two elements of a strong communicator. I will take my strengths and use them for the betterment of my patients. I understand there is much to learn, and experience. I am excited and ready for the journey ahead. 


My name is Mark Vorensky and I am a Senior at Ithaca College. I am a Physical Therapy Major with a double minor in Mathematics and Health Communication. I am also very interested in cultural and international studies, especially when related to health sciences. Being a Leadership Scholar gives me a great opportunity to indulge my interests in the community as a student and a leader. It also allows me to share my ideas/methods and absorb my peers' ideas/methods as leaders on and off the Ithaca College campus.

In this portfolio, I have displayed my on and off campus endeavors. The link in the Side-Bar, On-Campus Involvement, presents my involvement on campus for the Spring 2011 semester. My major commitment this semester was Ithaca College Track and Field. The link, Student Leadership Institute, will take you to a page where you can view all of the Student Leadership Institute Sessions I have attended this semester. SLI has been a great resource as I develop as a leader in the community. The link, Community Involvement, presents my current volunteering at Longview care center. In the documents section, my resume is posted. 

I hope you enjoy my ePortfolio!