Maximilian Gombosi Wojcik

My name is Maximilian Wojcik, and I am a freshman at Ithaca College currently majoring in Health Science. I am 19 years old and I am from Ripton, VT. I plan on changing my major to business in the near future and adding a minor of environmental science with a concentration in management. I am a strong believer in a healthy lifestyle and the promotion of a progressive and potentially greener powered future.


My goal in the future is to be a business owner, and to learn from internships as well as job opportunities on how to successfully complete this. At the beginning of the year I became president of freshman housing. I ran for this position not because I had any experience being a group leader, but because my personality drives me to challenge myself. I am compassionate and outgoing when working with people, traits that I believe will help me succeed in whatever I end up doing.


I am excited and tentative about the future. I strive to live life to its full potential every day, and I look forward to whatever it holds for me.