Graduation Picture

     Hello, my name is Natasha Brower. I am currently a freshman at Ithaca College and am majoring in Communications Management and Design. However, next semester I may also be minoring in Integrated Marketing and Communications. This is because after my four years at Ithaca College I am interested in either interning or working at an advertising agency.

     I am currently involved at Ithaca in many ways. I am a part of the advertising club known as Park AdVenue, the big brother big sister program called IC BIGS, the events club otherwise known as IC After Dark, and am apart of the Ithaca Ballroom Dance team. Staying involved on campus is important to me because I want to get the most out of my four years at college.

     Prior to this year, I had not had a lot of experience in the field of advertisement, but I have had experience in communications. I have worked under my mother at her job, which is in marketing. In addition I have had the experience to learn about communications in different cultures, for example Argentina. Two years ago, through Rotary, I was a foreign exchange student in Argentina and attended school there. This is one of the reasons I am well rounded about different cultures and am bilingual.

     In the next four years I hope to be able to build a strong resume and image to be able to not only work in an advertising agency but to also be able to succeed in all that I do.



Phone: (607) 373-9363

Twitter: @NatashaBrower2