Hello, my name is Nyasha Evans and I am currently a Senior studying at Ithaca College. As a student of the School of Health Sciences and Human Performance with a major in Public and Community Health: program emphasis, I am expanding my knowledge of the subject matter and making some truly remarkable memories.  

Growing up in Ithaca exposed me to a world where there are few judgments passed and every walk of life is accepted. By attending Ithaca College I enrich myself exceptional education and am surrounding by people from various backgrounds who welcome me with open arms. Ithaca as a Community is inspiring and a breath of fresh air.

            At Ithaca College I am majoring in Public and Community Health, with a program emphasis. This program prepares me for my future plans of working in a health care field and serving my community. Aside from schoolwork, I participate in multiple extra curricular activities.

  • As Executive Officer of Public Relations for the Public and Community Health Student Association, I am able to promote the club and lead some of Ithaca Colleges's top students.
  • One of the most popular clubs I am part of is the Ithaca College Dance team, where the elite dancers of Ithaca College perform at sporting events including, Football and Basketball games. I am also part of IC’s Unbound Dance Company, which has multiple genres of dance, and performs throughout the semesters. Being part these clubs is a complete honor, and I gladly represent Ithaca College. 


Ithaca College School of Health Science and Human Performance Mission Statement:
Mission: To prepare ethical competent health promotion and physical education professionals within a liberal education background to work in diverse settings with multicultural populations.