Hello, my name is Nicole Godreau. Welcome to my ePortfolio! I am an Integrated Marketing Communications major and I’m currently a freshman at Ithaca College excited to be taking classes at the prestigious Roy H. Parks School of Communications. This major is the best of both worlds as it combines advertising, public relations and business. I was born and raised in Queens, NY. Although I live in Queens, I love Manhattan and I’m a city girl at heart. I chose this major because for the past two summers I was able to intern at Ogilvy & Mather, an international advertising agency in N.Y. where I fell in love with the advertising world, where creative ideas where encouraged and accepted.

While working there I immediately knew that I wanted to pursue a job in this field. I worked in the traffic department, which was responsible for making an ad come together. I learned all the steps that went into all the advertisements I read in the magazines. I worked on the Ogilvy Culture project, which talked about increasing diversity in corporate workplaces. I worked on advertisements for GAP, DuPont, American Express, and Time Warner Cable. I also was able to work with the creative department, able to work with copywriters and art directors. I was given mock briefs for Fanta and American Airlines in which I had to come up with new ideas to give their brand a better image.

I also worked in the HR department apart of Diversity and Inclusion to see how Ogilvy is maintaining an edge and gaining an advantage by having a diverse workplace. The future of advertising is changing so I was able to collaborate on various team projects with other interns on the future of advertising connected to mobile media and augmented reality as well as develop informative brochures on advertising for students in high school.

There are so many new jobs being made in the communications field, especially as the technology around us becomes more advanced. Hence I hope that at Ithaca I will be able to learn more about advertising, public relations and business honing in my skills in each area.  

Even though my time at Ithaca has been short I have already become very involved on campus. I am an event planner on “John & Kyle”, a student run television show, apart of the American Advertising Federation club, the African-Latino Society, and on the costume and props team for the production of “The Rocky Horror Show”.

While at Ithaca I hope to take advantage of many opportunities such as studying abroad at London as well as Los Angeles. One day I hope to work as an art director at an advertising agency or possibly at a PR agency.

Most people are passionate about something; we all have a drive of some kind. My drive is school. My passion is education. I am committed to doing my best in school. I work my hardest everyday. I see myself as a force to be reckoned with. You need knowledge to be wise, and to make it in this world and I know I will.