Taken on Blue Mountain.

 I am most interested in creative, satirical writing. I wouldn't say that I'm good at it, because I have nothing to back that up. If I was a professional comic, or a legitimate writer, I might say that social critique is a talent of mine. For now, it's just a hobby. I'd definitely say that's where my strengths are. I wanted to be a screenwriting major to strengthen my technique, and the Cinema and Photo part of my major will give me a breadth of other skills that I can use throughout any kind of communications career. I'm very interested in filmmaking, but my ideal job would be a writing position on a Daily Show or Saturday Night Live ish kind of show. 

 I think that the most important thing I can learn in this class is how to adertise myself. I want to be clear, I don't mean that I wish to monitize myself, but rather put my name in front of people like Scott Rudin, or Lorene Michaels. Besides the technical training I will learn in screenwriting from just being on campus, I think the most important thing I can learn in the Park School is how to get myself out there. I know that the kind of writing jobs I want exist, and even though there's barely a possibility of a chance that I'll make it there, I still want to know how I can try. I'm not paying the kind of money I am to be here only to get a bill paying job after college. I want SNL. This is of course a dream, but I will see it out for as long as I can. Or until I'm 35. I'm most interested in learning the skills to place myself in the industry, and get recognized. 

 For the most part, I need to get up and do, rather than think about doing. What I mean by that is that if I want to advertise myself to end up in the job I want, I need to become active in the industry, and educate myself in every way I can about how to make myself an asset to the industry. I have passion to become a writer, and I know I need to hone those skills as a writer. At the same time, I have to focus on becoming aware of how the industry around the kind of writing I'm interested in works so that I can try and get involved.