Nathan Krauss

My name is Nathan Krauss, and I am a Freshman at Ithaca College majoring in Film, Photography, and Visual Arts. For as long as I can remember, I have been searching for creative outlets to express myself. As I began high school, I found my true passion in film production. I took a two year film and television productions course at Fairfax High School which taught me how to work with professional camera equipment and editing suites. 

Although I enjoy narrative filmmaking more than anything else, I found that I could use my technical skills and love for filmmaking to make money as well. In 11th grade, I was hired by Digital Wave Productions to film local events and school productions. I worked with this company through the end of my high school career and did everything from operating a camera and directing four camera crews to editing dvd packaging. In the summer before I entered 12th grade, I began my own independent freelance videography business. As a 17 year old, I was surprised at the number of jobs and amount of money I was able to make just through Craigslist and word of mouth. Throughout the course of my senior year, I filmed a total of five weddings ranging in location from Virginia to Colorado. 

All of this positive experience in the world of film production has inspired me to pursue filmmaking as a career, and that is exactly why I'm here at Ithaca College. I plan to take up internships and job opportunities in my current major so that I will one day have a career in which I can creatively express myself in the film industry. 

 Five things that I've learned from S'park at Ithaca College:

- My future career may not exist in today's world yet

- The world of communications is rapidly changing

- By following my passion, I can end up working the job that I want

- Patience and persistence are the keys to success

- Valuable advice: "Keep one hand in today, one hand in the future" - Ryan Berman