Nina Lindberg

Welcome to my ePortfolio! 


My name is Nina Lindberg and I am from Lansing, New York -- a small time just outside of Ithaca. I am currently a student at Ithaca College majoring in Documentary Studies and Production. I hope to graduate in May of 2015 


In my next four years at Ithaca college, I am hoping to use many of the resources the college has to offer and explore several areas within the communications field. Documentary Filmmaking, specifically, combines my passion for visual arts as well as my interest in people and how they view the world. In creating a documentary I am able to tell my story through the point of view of others. Documentaries have the ability to open ones eyes to the realities of society and socialization. Ultimately, in the future I hope to utilize my skills learned in the Park School and produce films that both educate and entertain viewers from all over the world. While many may doubt these aspirations, I believe that it is attainable for I am an extremely hard worker. When challenged, I am persistent and enjoy finding solutions for difficult problems. From my experience as a three sport team captain and class president in high school, I learned leadership skills that translate to the film industry. I cannot only solve difficult problems for myself, but can positively lead groups to effective solutions as well. 


In my next four years at Ithaca College, I am hoping to study abroad in Los Angeles as well as New York City. While I am a current employee of the Cayuga Radio Group, and recently had a chance to intern for News Talk WHCU, I hope to broaden my horizons with internships in either print journalism, television, or film. The more internships I am able to achieve, the better I can determine in what field my passion truly lies. 


In the first semester as an Ithaca College student in the Park School of Communications, I have learned that I need to be able to adapt to any situation through a broad skill set. I am required to have a minor outside of the Park School and take classes in Journalism, Film, and Television-Radio, for all relate to my anticipated career in documentary filmmaking. I have learned that technology is constantly changing and that staying updated with the latest in both social networking and the latest gadgets can only work to your advantage. The communications industry is constantly shifting with the new technology, therefore being aware and educated in the specific changes is extremely important. The industry is extremely dynamic and new media such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, MySpace, Youtube , etc., are constantly emerging and allowing for citizen-journalists to influence and control global information. One must be cautious of sources and their reliability and stay objective as a professional. Finally, being culturally aware is key. The ability to understand and communicate with different cultures of the world efficiently, will automatically put you a step ahead of those only aware of the United States of America. 


The world and how we communicate with each other is constantly changing, and I could not be in a more exciting and relevant course of study! 


Thank you for looking at my ePortfolio! 



Nina Lindberg